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I want to learn to love myself, and help others whenever I can

I really do enjoy the more simple things life and I know most people will tell you that but seriously ask anyone who has walked next to me for more than 5 minutes..I will point out every gorgeous flower, an adorable bird, amazing cars, people with style; just about everything that catches my eye will be a topic of discussion. I live in the moment for as much as I possibly can- a product of always thinking the only choice was being self-destructive for over 20 years. I’m more than one of the lucky ones to have discovered that path is wrong by the age of 26 or so- whenever a year ago was. Currently i’m 27 and i’m a local model in Toronto on a very strange path, trying to be a model, writer and advocate for Huntington’s Disease can get a bit confusing when they all tend to cross lines and borders.

In our house, there is a lot of different directions and attitudes about cleaning, design, budget but we agree on some pretty amazing things like watching all the same shows, music, movies, comedy nerdiness- despite being 8 yrs my senior. There is a lot of transitions going on in our house at the moment so it’s hard to really talk about the details but I will just let you know that he is a trooper and I love him (my boyfriend) along with my cat, Betty, we make an idyllic millennial family. We all love and support each other through thick and thin, that is what essentially makes us a great little family in my opinion. Although we do have our tough times, where we get into arguments like any couple honestly. We practice patience daily with each other and learn that way to try to yell less at each other.

My favourite things in life include my family, brothers and sisters, yoga, wellness, skincare, travel, fashion, art anything, making connections.

My goal with this blog is that more people can access my opinion and in turn hopefully come find me in person and be friends or you know, networking or whatever..I have helped a number of people in the HD community access information and support from me personally from all over the world. I’m not saying I have some fountain of knowledge but I have done a particular amount of research into genetics and biotechnology because initially out of high school I wanted to be a biotech engineer but I changed my mind and never ended up going to community college. (nothing against it; I probably will still go later on when I have more money for that)

Whenever I say i’m a model everyone instantly assumes I am rich and/or stupid which is honestly the furthest from the truth it has ever been. Attending a number of Huntington’s Disease Society events over my life including the National conference at the age of 20 as a youth delegate as well as the HDYO camp as a camper last year. This has allowed me to gain the support and certainly a more open perspective towards the whole thing from hopeless only 5 years ago and now I’m so much better and can’t wait to show you guys how and what and who have all helped me to get where I am in this beautiful version of myself.

It is surreal and keeps me young to challenge myself with multiple tasks, my step-mom put it pretty well a few years back telling me she thinks she knows “what you are is a multi-potentialite”

Thanks for reading,