About Me

feeling alien

I spent many years trying to find my calling by spending my whole inheritance on traveling from province to province exploring every avenue and alleyway. This started when I was 19, fresh out of Katimavik, I took one large suitcase to live with friends in Montreal. There I was randomly scouted but nothing came of it(I have seen many scams in my day) Eventually about 4 or 5 months later I moved to Toronto. Since then I have moved between Toronto and Halifax about two times. There have been some fallbacks I will be discussing in my blog at a later time and possibly in my new youtube channel about HD. Modeling has been one constant in my life for the last few years along with my little family. Without both of these, I would not be where I am today- the support from the HD community has been tremendous in my evolution. I’m visiting my family more and they tend to visit me as well- my brother is a few hours away in Brantford. I’m more secure in myself physically and mentally today then I have ever been, this is my main concern of this blog and also my life right now. Thank you for reading my short form bio